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It's time to implement

REP4 takes its cue from learners. Because conceptual ideas are developed through a dynamic process to identify solutions for wide-ranging equity issues, REP4 partners are deliberate in reflection and action.

Provocations and thematic outcomes expressed through learner pitches point to opportunities to be carried forward for student success and lasting change. Taken together with anticipated impact on learner experience, network effects and scalability, portfolio projects are activated.

This is a shared, iterative and evolving portfolio, strengthened alongside learner advisors, with an open invitation for collaboration and learning.

REP4 Designed

Tested and shaped for alliance-wide participation

Anticipated to have universal and transformative potential for REP4 partner institutions and beyond.

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REP4 Inspired

Implemented regionally

Anticipated to have local impacts resonating within institutional context, mission, and learners served, which can be translated for scale.

S3P - 2020 Inspired
Midwest Region Grand Valley State University

Piloting the Summer Student Success Program as a comprehensive six-week program designed to successfully transition learners from high school to college.

GVPREP - 2020 Inspired
Midwest Region Grand Valley State University

Piloting a dual enrollment program designed to support high school learners with college courses and supports that directly connect them with a path to future learning.

South Region Amarillo College

Piloting a peer-to-peer mentorship for first-year college learners to experience an early and mutual culture of care and success.

LINKED FOR SUCCESS - 2021 Inspired
Northwest Region Boise State University

Piloting a peer mentor program coupled with an original support app to assist TRIO students at Nampa High School in navigating the college options available to them.

MYNEEDS KIOSK - 2021 Inspired
Southwest Region Fort Valley State University

Piloting a community and trauma informed approach for basic needs support to create more learning pathways from K-12 to college.

VOCE READY - 2021 Inspired
Northeast Region Shippensburg University

Piloting course level changes that expand the scope of learner voice and acknowledge persistence and personal attributes in the college classroom.

REP4 Commissioned

Learner needs, demonstrated through pitches, may signal collaboration for new toolsets at the leading and abstract edges of emergent technology. Let's connect to leapfrog equitable changes!

REP4 Effects

Ideas and learnings are available to be put into practice by any school or organization. Please let us know if you choose to implement one or more of the ideas!

Fun image collage of learners at rep4 with a book and vr glasses

“I am passionate about this bold and extraordinary effort to increase quality in education by focusing on equity as the driving force for change. This effort is defining an approach to transformative change using openness, transparency, and collaboration. The power for lasting impact for millions of diverse students comes from working together. I couldn't be more excited to roll up my sleeves and dive into the work.”

- Jaime Casap, Former chief education evangelist at Google