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Learning from learners

REP4—Rapid Education Prototyping—puts the power to change education into the hands of young people. Learners from Regional Summits around the country have created 3-minute pitches for changes they believe will help all students thrive.

REP4 alliance partners have committed to putting action behind these concepts. The process of magnifying possibilities across ideas includes a variety of factors, including upvoting.

Learners from every state in the U.S. and 38 countries around the world have cast more than 8,200 upvotes to provide first insights for iteration and implementation.



Upvoting launched during the National Convening. Upvote the ideas you like best!

Upvote to Win

Top Upvotes

Impact 4 Change: Different from the way education happens now
Find Your Fam, FAB app, Mindset Through Mentoring, 3 Pointer

Impact 4 Equity: Would support a more fair society
Find Your Fam, FAB app, Mindset Through Mentoring, 3 Pointer

Impact 4 Agency: Gives students more power over their learning
Find Your Fam, FAB app, Mindset Through Mentoring, Mentor Matching

Impact 4 Communities: Benefits extend beyond just education
Find Your Fam, FAB app, Mindset Through Mentoring, 3 Pointer

Learnings Across Ideas

From financial literacy to addressing mental health and food insecurity, learners emphasize basic needs to fully benefit from current and higher learning opportunities

Learners place value on early mentoring to demystify college and network to like-minded people sharing the same interests, passions and values. Connections are key to belonging and mobility in college and career

Being seen and making meaning of individual abilities and experiences provide aspiration toward future learning and leadership goals. One idea calls for reimagining college admissions, the linchpin in higher education, with non-cognitive strengths at the forefront.

Solutions call for personalization, real-time access, option for anonymity and technology enablement.

“Our solution will disproportionately benefit students of color because it will bring exposure and opportunities that otherwise wouldn't be lived.”

- REP4 Designer, Summer 2020